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My name is Guadalupe Garza and I’m the owner of Twin Shoot Photography. I’m an architectural photographer most days of the year, an introvert if you get to know me and a business junkie. I studied Business in college with the dream of one day becoming the CEO of a large corporation. Like many millenials I also wanted to save the world and earned my Masters Degree in International Relations. From there I began working in the non-profit sector. While I loved working for a non-profit I still dreamed of one day running my own business. 

So how did I end up in photography? I wish I knew! What I do know is that my whole life I’ve been a creative, a day dreamer who enjoys landscapes and beautifully designed structures. It all started with an entrepreneurial desire and a crop sensor camera… I also quickly learned that weddings and people weren’t my thing.

​Over the last several years, I’ve combined my knowledge of business with my passion for architectural and interior photography to offer businesses, small and large, something unique. I have travelled all over the state of Texas to capture the work of architects, designers and builders. My work has been published in national, regional and trade publications including, Atomic Ranch Magazine and Modern Luxury Interiors. I hope you get a chance to check out my portfolio and I look forward to working with you in the future.


We believe that where we live, work and play is influenced by our surroundings. From our homes, office buildings, retail centers, wherever we are, the surrounding landscape shapes our moments, feelings and outlook. This is how we came to fall in love with photographing architecture and interiors. It’s this philosophy that motivates us to deliver the best photos, because we know what your work means to you and we aim to show that to the rest of the world.


Whether the project is architecture or interior design we understand the importance of accurate and professional images. To do this we use lenses unique to architecture photography to ensure we are capturing a structure as it is designed to be. Additionally, we use professional lighting techniques and apply expert post processing techniques that not only tell a story, but also depict a space in an artistic manner. From developers to architects to designers our images will set you apart from your peers. ​